From: "Larry Claypool"
To: <>
Date: Monday, October 30, 2006 4:08 AM

A warm hello and hope you're all doing great to Peyton and family, and the folks of Rochdalian Alumni Society.

I happened to be cruising the internet and came across the farm site-read Peyton's eulogy to Gord so Thought I would send him a couple pics of Gord back in our Rochdale years since he mentioned he didn't have any. Also just wanted to tell the People that might care I happened to meet up with the nurse who was his main caregiver and was with him at the moment he died. It was very strange that I should run into her here in Vancouver only a couple weeks after he had passed. We had spoken by phone several times before his death so I knew he was dying and he had had someone call to let me know when it occurred. But that I should actually run into his nurse and hear from her about his last moments was at the time almost more than I could bear. Gord had been one of my closet friends every since I arrived in this country and even today he is sore-missed by all his friends including me. The nurse gave me great comfort when she learned we were very good friends and told me that his end was fairly painless and that he went in a calm and dignified fashion. She also mentioned how he had stood out from most of her patients because of his unfailing good nature and gift for
intelligent conversation- the very traits that had endeared him to all of us.

'Nough said !

Your Humble Servant

Larry Claypool